I never had issues with TTS until I started the game yesterday since one month ago more or less...
First, when i start TTS the next lines are showed
"Exception of type 'uIRC.Not ConnectedException`was thrown"
"Couldnt connect to irc.geekshed.net #tabletopsimulator! Reason: Could not connect to: irc.geekshed.net:6667"
"Exception of type 'System.TimeZoneNotFoundException' was thrown"

I supposed i had problem with antivirus or firewall, so i disabled it. As problem persisted i opened the port 6667 in router. This didnt fix anything. I dont use the chat so this is not a great problem for me, but if i can repair it much better.

In second place... when i start a solo game screen, where the games are shown, the games dont appear and the next lines are printed

"Error loading Workshop games: Exception of type 'System.TimeZoneNotFoundException' was thrown"
"Error loading Save game: Exception of type 'System.TimeZoneNotFoundException' was thrown"

I tried to uninstall, to check cache, to Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ 12 (X86), to delete games folder, everything ....

I only can play DLCs, the workshop games dont appear, and i have loose the saved games also.
When i start the DLC i cant pick any object of the game... so how you can see i have many troubles and I CANT PLAY ANYTHING!!

Please, i need your help to fix it...
I hope a soon answer.

Thank You!!!
and sorry about my english... my spanish is much better