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Thread: Games crashes after loading certain mods.

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    Games crashes after loading certain mods.

    When loading certain mods, TTS will get to 100% and then crash. These are all mods that worked before the update. Saved objects from the mods that previously worked also cause the program to crash.

    I have posted this in bug reports too. Can someone please help with this? It seems like an update causing this issue should be fixable.

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    Still holding out hope someone cares enough to help with this. My friend for whom this is not an issue, sent me the meshes and textures for the objects and I was able to load them so the individual objects are not the problem.

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    So they've updated and this issue was not resolved, which dashes the hope that they are "secretly listening to feedback and just not responding". I joined another player's game and when he tried to load one of the same mods it immediately kicked me from the program. This is a difference from when I click on it and it loads to 100% then crashes.

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    It is happening with many Mods or just some very specific ones? If this does not get resolved soon, at least it may be possible to identify the cause to determine if it is something which can be avoided.

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    Only specific mod and like I said even models from those mods thatI had saved earlier don't work anymore.

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    maybe telling us the mods could help. it could be the mods having some code or items which are not compatible with unity 2019 anymore. since i found a mod on the workshop which worked before, but it isnt anymore. it causes crash. cour case could be similar. in the best cade you could contact the authors of the mods and ask them to check it. or well as said, provide us the mods here so curious people could check it to see what could be the cause.

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