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Thread: Generic playing card functionality

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    Generic playing card functionality

    I hope this topic will become a a place for people to think of features that could be added when playing with a 54 card deck. Is there currently or will there be a way to set how cards are grouped in your hand?
    For example there is a game which I like to play called Presidents and A******* (which is also simply called President by some) in which cards are simply grouped in what their number or face is, it would be nice to not have to organize on one's own hand . . .

    In the same game at the beginning of rounds, people must trade cards with each other, it would not be good for the strategy of the game to be able to see what people are trading, will there be a way to interface with singular members in a group online?
    I noticed in another topic that cards in ones own hand are not shown, perhaps just create a shared hand zone for trades?
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    A few options depending on what kind of trading needs to be done:

    1. Create zones visible to both players but not others.

    2. Have a script automatically turn a card, removed from hand, face down. When the receiving player puts it in hand it should automatically turn face up. You may need to add a similar script to the play area so that cards played (which will be face down thanks to the first script) get turned over as they are placed on the play pile.

    3. Create a copy of a player's hand using UI buttons. The buttons would only be visible to the trading player. The buttons could even be used to select the traded cards and execute a script that performs the trade.

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