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Thread: Custom_Tile setCustomObject stretch not available

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    Exclamation Custom_Tile setCustomObject stretch not available

    When spawning a Custom_Tile, I am not able to set the stretch parameter to false and I can't seem to find a way to change this setting programmatically.

    obj = spawnObject({
    All of the parameters work except stretch. Stretch is also not listed in the api docs. Is this a newer setting for tiles? I am loading in hex tiles and stretching to aspect messes with their size/shape.

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    You probably can work around it for now using spawnObjectJSON instead. Take a look how custom tile JSON looks (e.g. in the save file) and redo that structure as a table in TTS, you should be able to modify any part of it you need that way.

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    Yeah, I ended up doing that after I posted this. I saved a Custom_Tile json and added in some placeholders like <<IMG>> so I could string.gsub to put in the actual image as needed. It works well, just frustrating that that was needed.

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