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Thread: OnObjectFlip() event

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    OnObjectFlip() event

    Currently there is no way for a script to react to object being flipped that I am aware of.

    Thus I suggest to add an event OnObjectFlip(flip_object, player_color) same as onObjectRandomize(randomize_object, player_color)


    The argument order is inconsistent between similar events:

    onObjectRandomize(randomize_object, player_color)
    onObjectPickUp(player_color, picked_up_object)
    onObjectPeek(object, player)

    Though I don't know how to fix it without breaking old scripts. May be you could do what Unity does when updating api:

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    Agreed with this. It could be really useful a lot of times since a LOT of games use flipping. It's fine (and potentially even good) if it misses flips done manually by holding alt and rotating.

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    For that you could probably catch onObjectPickUp() and onDrop() checking whether object.is_face_down changed between the two

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    True. Would be much easier to have onObjectFlip() though

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    I would argue that the biggest problem is the impossibility of reacting to object being flipped by pressing F key
    You can catch pick-and-turn flip with onObjectPickUp() / onDrop()
    And you can catch flip by physics by checking object's rotation against previous frame
    There is no way to catch F-key flip though.

    An example of why you would want to target this flip:
    A script that enforced token ownership (you can only move/roll/flip your token, not someone else's).
    Here you would want to specifically prevent F-key flip.

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