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Thread: Workshop upload not working

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    Workshop upload not working

    Updating the 1 file I have still works, but I literally can not upload ANY new file to the Steam workshop from Tabletop Simulator.
    I'm using Windows 7 professional service pack 1
    I cant attach my dxdiag file since it "exceeds the forums file size limit" . I've uploaded it over here :

    • Already tried restarting and waiting over the course of a week
    • Tried uploading a thumbnail from any local and online location possible
    • I've tried uploading my Dark souls boardgame and my WoW boardgame
    • Even tried uploading an empty room (with nothing but a table and also literally empty)
    • Filling out everything / leaving as much empty as possible in the upload form also didnt work
    • I have not yet found a solution on any other forum post yet

    No matter whad I do it just says "uploading to workshop" without actually doing so.
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    I used to have a problem with workshop uploads too, maybe the solution I found will help you too?

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    Sadly I've already tried the solution stated in that video before, even though I dont even have the same issue with that mega long ID . My problems even worse, same as this guys here . But thanks for trying .

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    PUSH PUSH PUSH! Cant upload anything to the workshop for over 2 weeks now just like this guy , still no answer.

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    SUCCESS ! For me, reinstalling and turning mod-threading back on worked ! Thanks for all the staff help I did not get ....
    Now, how do I retroactivly change the prefix ?

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