Hello! I just recently got back to Tabletop Simulator, hoping to continue working on some tabletop figures.

I have a local .obj files and local .jpg images maps for them (images saved in "My Games\Tabletop Simulator\Mods\Images"). It loads fine. BUT, in the old versions (this was back in 2016-2017) I could just replace the .jpg file in the local folder and when I restarted the game and loaded the save it automatically updated the image to the new file. This made it possible to quickly change the figures' bases (from snow to grass etc.) or their color scheme or even the terrain itself to match the game setting I was going for.

This doesn't work anymore for some reason, so I would have to manually select each model, update the image file and set it to load from the cloud (because it doesn't change if I select "local" even though it is a singleplayer game and it specifically states "local files will not work in multiplayer" (which seems a redundant statement if local files also don't work in singleplayer -i.e they NEVER work?)). This also means I have to upload the file, which I don't want to do. I want to keep my files local and I want to replace all of them quickly like I could before.

Is this a bug? Are the local files located somewhere else or is there another way to easily replace all of my images without having to do each one (there are literally thousands of them)?

Note: replacing the .obj model files seems to work like I want (I can just replace the .obj file in the local folder and it updates the model when I start up the game). So why doesn't it work with the images?!