Hi, so I am having a ton of issues with Tabletop Simulator (TTS). I just got a new computer (Lenovo Legion Y7000P - 1060) and I have been able to play most other games. My previous laptop, a Dell...something... (I can try to find out exactly what it was later) could run tabletop sim with minimal to no issues. I could load up the most model heavy game and play it fine for hours. Today, however, when trying to load up TTS I encountered tons of issues.

TTS takes up a majority to not all of my CPU (it was hitting 98% last time) and I cannot get anything to load without ridiculous lag or the game completely crashing.
The audio is all kinds of messed up and I can't hear anyone I am playing with. I tried both Steam and Discord and both were extremely choppy and the game audio was so static and garbled it was giving me a headache.
TTS would freeze or outright crash.
It was so slow I couldn't exit out and had to Alt-F4 to close the game.

I am so disappointed cause my old computer that wasn't made for video games could run TTS better than my actual gaming laptop.

If there is any way to fix this please let me know. I am so disappointed cause I have been an avid user of TTS and if I can't play it any more I am going to be distraught.