The current context menu (right click menu) has a rotate right and rotate left (and a Flip). This is sufficient for object like tokens and/or cards but quite limited for 3D objects.

For example, the RPG character models can be rotated left and right with this option (the most commonly needed rotation) but it is difficult to have the figure lay down because there are no rotation options, in the content menu, for rotating along the X or Y axis. One either needs to knock the figure over with other objects or write a script which will perform the rotation.

Suggestion 1: Replace Rotate Left and Rotate Right with Rotate -Y, Rotate +Y, Rotate -X, Rotate +X, Rotate -Z, and Rotate +Z. If desired, this could be limited to objects of Custom | Model type.

Suggestion 2: Allow the user to add custom entries into the Context Menu. This would allow the user to add the above Rotations.