It would be great to be able to display text next to cards in Alt-zoom!

The reason for this is that it would be great to have Slay the Spire-style rules text next to the cards, like this:

These "rules-boxes" show up next to the alt-zoom and would be added either programmatically, or as a new type of text box at the bottom of the context menu (or both). They would look the same as the box used for names/descriptions. Ideally, these rules-boxes would be split between a title and a description of their own, like in the Slay the Spire example above (this makes it much easier to see what each rules-box references)

One thing that would be very useful would be to be able to have a bunch of strings that can be assigned to all copies of certain cards. What I mean is if, for example, card #23 and card #12 of a custom deck both have the block keyword (like in the example image), the rules-box describing what block means would show up next to the alt-zoom of each copy of the #23 and #12 cards. Attaching rules-boxes to a specific object/instance does have value too, so a parameter to choose between object/copies in the function that adds these rules-boxes would be nice.

I think this could be a really huge feature to make games easier and clearer to play. Descriptions are nice but having to wait for them and the fact there's no sign of if there even is one means they aren't useful enough. And even if you do use descriptions that way, they often show up accidentally while you mouse-over a card/object too long, which is really annoying. Descriptions and rules-boxes would coexist very well!

This suggestion is a bit like my other one about card highlights but it would probably be easier to implement, both by users and by Berserk, so it's probably better.