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    Question Collision

    Im trying to make a dice holder from models I found online, I can't seem to get the collision to work:

    Any help?

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    I assume you are using the Objects | Custom | Model to add this object. In order for the holder to work correctly, you need to ensure that you:

    1. Provide a collider mesh. Assuming you holder was an OBJ file, you can provide the same OBJ file as the collider file. This will make the mesh and collider exact match and you should get optimal collisions. Please note that using a complicated Collider mesh can greatly increase computer processing but in this case your holder does not seem too complicated so using the mesh for the collider should be okay. In cases where the original mesh is very complex, making a simplified mesh that approximates the original mesh (but has much less polygons) can be reduce computer processing.

    2. You may need to check the Non-Concave setting. This is needed for some meshes in order for the system to recognize that holes or cave like structures are actually empty space.

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