I see that a lot of Bug Reports and Support posts are being made (I have contributed a few myself) but I am not really seeing any posts from the Berserk Games staff to indicate that the reported bug has been acknowledged, if it is being worked on and/or when we may see a fix. I realize that not all issues can be addressed at once but at least if there was some indication as to which issues are being worked on it could help game developers plan accordingly.

For example, I reported that I am unable to use AssetBundles from the Cloud. I can use them from a Local file to test them but as soon as I select Cloud, the AssetBundle won't load. I am able to upload other assets (like OBJ mesh file or texture files) to the Cloud...It is just AssetBundles that are giving me problems. This is currently game breaking for me because all of the animated characters that I made, for my weekly game, can't be used in a multi player game (because multi player games require all assets to be from the cloud).

It would be nice to know when the Berserk Games staff confirm this issue and a rough idea of how long it may take to fix (i.e. is this a low priority issue for them, a medium priority issue or high priority issue).

Please note that I am only using my Support case as an example but the recommended actions (i.e. have Berserk Games staff indicate which issues are acknowledged and being worked on) should be applied to all issues.

Just my 2 cents for improving the forum