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Thread: How To Get MusicPlayer Working

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    How To Get MusicPlayer Working

    The API documentation says:

    Music Player
    MusicPlayer, a static global class, is the in-game music player. It allows you to control the music player in the same way that the in-game music player user interface does.

    .Sets the audioclip to be loaded.


    parameters: A Table containing the audioclip parameters.
    parameters.url: Url for the new audioclip.
    parameters.title: Title for the new audioclip.

    --Example Usage
    parameters =
    url="SOME URL HERE",
    title="SOME TITLE HERE"
    I'm trying to get this to work but I keep getting a error indicating that I am working with a nil object. It is as if MusicPlayer is not recognized. I even tried adding the MP3 Player object, getting its GUID and setting MusicPlayer to the object based on that GUID...but still got the same problem.

    What am I missing? (Yes, I did replace URL with an actual URL)

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    Its working now. It looks like the documentation was updated before the update to include MusicPlayer was pushed. Now that I downloaded the latest update, MusicPlayer is accessible.

    The only problem is that I can't seem to clear the Music Player. I entered an invalid URL and now it remembers that (even between games) until replaced with a valid URL. Isn't there some way to clear the URL?

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