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    Disconnected: Timeout Server


    Tabletop Sim has just today started doing this odd thing. Everything loads up just fine, until I decide to join an existing server. The servers that have lighter games and less people joined in are just fine, and while it's laggy, i'm able to connect and wait for assets to load. However, any games that have a substantial amount of people playing and ridiculous mods on freeze my game (my window specifically says the game itself isn't responding, get the spinny mouse, all that jazz) I am using Windows 10 Home, OS is 14393.2214. Due to an issue in my computer, I cannot update any further than that version of the OS. Once my game freezes, it takes a while to unfreeze, and when it does, i'm automatically kicked out of the server with a Dissconected: Timeout Server, however the assets are still loading and even finish loading! It's almost as if I need more time. Exiting back out to the main menu also freezes my screen up, and it takes a long time to finally go back to the main menu. Some red text appears, something about P2P errors with other people? Along with another much longer message: Error Building Xml UI on Block Square - Name cannot begin with the '-' character, hexidecimal value 0x2D. Line 6, position 110. I don't quite know if that's a mod specific and has nothing to do with my situation, but better to be thorough!

    I have tried minimizing graphics in game, verified the files on Steam, and other general computer maintenance.

    The odd part about it all is that i've connected just fine to the server just they day before I am making this post, and it was entirely fine. My game didn't freeze, and while it took a hot minute, eventually everything would load, and while it would be considerably laggy, it was playable. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    The second error message seems related to the Mod. It seems the Mod has some UI components (such as UI buttons) attached to a Block and the name of the UI element is invalid.

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