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Thread: What is Tabletop Simulator actually?

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    What is Tabletop Simulator actually?

    It’s cheap on Steam now, and from what I know, it’s a kind of, well, a simulator for tabletop games.

    But I’m a bit confused. I googled and can’t really find how it actually works. Can I play any game that someone has mod there? Are they all legal and free? What are the most popular games in the simulator?

    (My favourite games are Agricola, Concordia, Twilight Struggle, Troyes... to name a few. Can I play these games in Tabletop Simulator?)
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    Tabletop Simulator is a environment for playing various games (mostly board games, card games and RPG games) online with other players. The Core Tabletop Simulator does not actually implement any game it just creates a virtual table and allows players to interact with it. Using this 'environment" the user then loads official DLC (official game) or a user created Workshop (user created games).

    Depending on the game loaded, this could just be the necessary objects (board, tokens, dice, etc) to play the game (as if you were sitting with the players around a physical table) but no enforcement of the rules (like in real is up to the players to know the rules and enforce them) or it could be a fully scripted game where the game actually implements some or all of the game rules (sort of like having a player who know how to play the game who is making sure the players play by the rules).

    There are a tonne of Workshops available for download many of which reproduce physical board or card games. This is a little grey-line in terms of copyright since reproducing physical games is infringing on the game's copyright. I generally download workshops for games that I own so that the creator of the physical game gets is cut. However, there is nothing currently stopping one from download Workshops for which you don't own the physical game.

    Official DLC needs to be purchased usually for a reasonable price. User Workshops are free. As far as I know, only the host needs to own the game in order to play.

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