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Thread: Question regarding GPU load inconsistencies in GPU-Z

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    Question regarding GPU load inconsistencies in GPU-Z

    So, I was having some occasional frame drops and stuttering but I was well aware my i3 was a bottleneck to my rx570. I resolved this today by installing an i5. Definitely see a big performance increase, esp with MP games like fortnite where the i3 wouldn't cut it at all. However, I am concerned as before the framedrops seemed "seemed" to coincide with GPU-Z gpu load inconsistencies. I included a screen of what it typically looks like in a game. In this case it's Witcher 3, which is a very well optimized game. I didn't notice many frame drops from 60 fps, other than when a lot of stuff was going on and my settings are set rather high. Just wondering if this is something that I should be troubleshooting? Before anyone mentions a PSU I also recently installed a new 650w coolermaster psu. My rx570 is connected via 2 separate PSU cables as many people recommended. I'm just wondering if this is a fairly normal thing and it's just GPU-Z reading things wonky, or what ?tweakbox appvalley
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