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Thread: Custom image from deck builder always comes out blurry

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    Unhappy Custom image from deck builder always comes out blurry

    I have a .png image that was created using the official deck builder tool, but no matter what I try I can't get the deck in the game to be as clear as the cards are in the image. I'm having this trouble with a couple of decks, but this one is the worst. It becomes practically unreadable in-game. I'm on a windows OS and I've tried hosting the image on imgur and other locations, as well as uploading it to the steam cloud. I also can't seem to export from the deck builder into exactly 4900x4900 I'm not sure if that may be the problem.

    This one is for the card backs:

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    In Deck Builder, during export, there is the Current Deck Size and Max Deck Size. How do these compare. It is possible that your source is high quality but then you are reducing it in Deck Builder to get a smaller size. If this is the case then you will get blurry images because the original image had to get reduced. If this is your case, just select less cards per page. This means that the cards on the page will (in best case) retain their original size and thus reduce the blur because Deck Builder will not have to do any image reduction.

    For example, I created a number of pages each with 7x10 cards. Each card was 670x880. Deck Builder determined that this would need a page size of 6700x6160. However, if I enabled the Max Deck Size and set it to 4096. Then the 6700x6160 page will have to get scaled down to a 4096x4096 (or probably something like a 4096x3765 page) this would be about a 40% reduction. Which would, obviously, produce blurry content if the content had fine print text.

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