Hey everyone. We've got a game we're coming close to completing that is a themed version of a classic game with 120 million players worldwide (in other words it already has a large potential audience). We'd like to run a tournament based on our version on TTS, but ran into a two potential issues:

1. Is there a way, most likely via LUA scripting, to record info to a central host about the games played so that we can verify who won a game, how long it took, what the scores were, etc?

2. Is there any way Berserk would be able to allow for access for people with a trial version or a group rate on sign-ups, etc? It won't be much of a tournament if barrier one is, "You need to spend $20 to buy TTS to play." While that isn't much, it's still going to keep many people away so I'm trying to investigate any option we might have to get it workable. The take part players would want to practice which means getting friends involved which also means a lot more eyes on a product many likely didn't even know existed.