It would be really nice if Menus had default positions around the screen and would save new positions when moved.

Currently, every menu pops up in the middle of the screen. When you're not playing a game, it's fine, but most of the time we're using these menus WHILE playing/setting up a game. That means that menus are always blocking our view of the table and what the other players are doing, which is very annoying.

My suggestion is having default positions for each menu, just like the Components and Saved Objects menu do (they appear on the right). Menus should be placed thusly, in my opinion:
  • I think the menus that appear under Options (except Lighting) should all appear in the top left, between the tools and the top bar.
  • The Music Player and Playlist menus should appear on the top right, between the top bar and the player names.
  • The Games, Workshop upload, Cloud Manager, Lighting, Table, Background menus should appear to the left, either over the tools or stopping right before them to not cover them up (IMO, they should just cover them up).
  • Menus that appear asking for import settings, like Custom Tile, Custom Background, etc, should appear just under the top bar UI, right around where the "End Turn" button appears (it's fine if it covers it up)
  • Finally, the Transform menu, which appears when you click something with the Gizmo tool, should be placed in the bottom right, between the Notes panel and the On-screen hand (roughly. I know the size of the on-screen hand and the notes panel can change, but it's fine if it overlaps them)

While some people won't like these placements by default, the goal is to remove them from the middle of the screen where the action is happening.

My second-but-related suggestion is having TTS save the placement of each menu between restarts of the game. This means that if someone doesn't like one of the above default placements, they can just move it to wherever they want and it will always just show up there. That means people won't ever have to move menus again since they would probably be placed wherever they want them to be.

We really need these features imo. The newly-added music player shows up dead in the middle of the screen and is going to be appearing a lot in mods now, so it finally got me to write this post.