It would be great if we could create randomize zones that don't ask the player for confirmation when a game starts.

The confirmation menu for randomize zones is pretty annoying. It's in the middle of the screen, they don't tell you what they're gonna randomize, and there's one for EACH randomize zone (when really it should be one question for each "group" of randomized zone, which I've already addressed in another suggestion) which gets annoying quickly if you need to validate many of them.

My suggestion is having randomize zones that randomize and don't ask the player for permission. When creating a randomize zone, you could right-click them to show a menu (similar to the hidden zones menu) and there would be a toggle that says "don't ask to randomize on load". If toggle, when loading a mod with this kind of zone, it would just randomize (maybe make a sound) and not prompt you for it.

This menu would also have a button to activate the randomization (and the automatic prompt for randomization when creating the zone would be removed), and could have other options. Some of those could be toggles like "Only shuffle" so that object positions aren't swapped, for example