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Thread: How to attach a trigger function to a spawned object?

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    How to attach a trigger function to a spawned object?

    After spawning a new object, how can I attach to it a trigger function such as onDrop()? I tried putting

    onDrop = function(info) print('Dropped!') end

    into the spawn parameters but it didn't work.


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    You don't need to. You can use a Global onDrop and then read the Guid. This is how I add walking animations to all my characters. I create a single Global onPickup and onDrop and then when a new character is added, it automatically applies.

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    Thanks. Now that you mention it, I did that in another part of my simulation, so that's a good workaround if it's not possible to dynamically assign functions.

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    I see now that there is a function,
    setLuaScript( script) Input a string as an entity's Lua script. Generally only used after spawning a new Object.
    That might work.

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