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Thread: Music player loop bug and 1-title-playlis bug

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    [solved] Music player loop bug and 1-title-playlis bug

    (at first i posted the bug on steam but then i read you prefer bug reports on the technicals forums, so i posted them here, too)

    hi there.
    there is something wrong with the music player. let me explain you my 2 situations.

    solved situation 1: i have 2 music titles in my playlist. the 1st one starts to play. i want the music player to repeat the first one since i like that music title the most. so i click "loop button". loop button is green. when 1st title finishes, its not switching to the 2nd (as planed. at least i think the loop button was meant to work that way..). and usually it should play the first title again, but it ends in a no-sound replay of the 1st title.
    i can only break this no-sound play when switching to another music title and turn off loop, since otherwise looping the next title, after it finishes, would result in another no-sound play.
    - (loop button was used in this case)

    solved situation 2: i have only 1 music title in my playlist. i click "play button". music plays, it works. when music finishes, it attempts to start over the playlist (and since there is only 1 title, it will replay the playlist after only 1 title). but replaying the 1-title playlist results in a no-sound play. no way to fix this, since there is only 1 title and i cant switch to a 2nd title to fix the no-sound play.
    - (no loop button was used)
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    This appears to be a bug with the Music Player's MP3 capability specifically.

    You can work around it for now by converting the music files you use to an Ogg format instead.

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    oh good to know. the way i walked aorund it was: upload 1 title twice on steam cloud and add it twice to music player (since atm there is only one good and comfy title for TTS, for me - thats why i have only 1-title playlit. so i added it twice. that way it replays correctly. but you cant add the same link twice. you need to upload the same file twice first and use 2 different links, or else the player will be still play non-sound if you add the same link twice.)

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