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Thread: Add Music Player events for scripting

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    Lightbulb Add Music Player events for scripting

    It would be very nice to have events that trigger when something happens with the Music Player.

    There are several kinds of events that would fire when using the Music Player. Here are the ones I'd suggest:
    • onMusicChange() would trigger when a song is changed, either when automatically going to the next song in the playlist or when skipping forward or backward (either by hand or by scripting). It would pass the index and new name of the song, and which player changed the music, if any
    • onSongAdd()/onSongRemove(): when someone adds/loads a song (to the playlist or just the current song) or when someone removes a song from the playlist. Passes the name and index of the new song and the player that added/removed it.
    • onPlayPause(): fires when a song is played or paused. Passes which of the two it was, and which player did it, if any.
    • onLoop(): fires when a song loops. Passes the name and index of the song being looped.

    This would potentially let us do some cool scripting involving music changes and such! It would be especially powerful if combined with this de-sync feature suggestion!
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