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Thread: Hidden zones hides cards after being passed through

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    Hidden zones hides cards after being passed through

    When I have a hidden zone on the table and I grab cards and pass it through the hidden zones. The stack of cards disappears. I am still holding on to it and I can drop it but I cannot interact with it once I drop it and it is still invisible. When I delete the hidden zone any cards that passed through it would appear where they were dropped.
    I as the host can put cards in the hidden zone and see them but it seemed other players would not see the cards in their own hidden zones.
    We were able to avoid the problem by deleting all the hidden zones from out table.
    There is also something else I think is related to this but I am not able to replicate it myself as host or by myself. That is, people at my table were having cards turn invisible in their hand when they would draw them. I think there were various methods of drawing multiple cards at once. The end effect was that they would have stack of cards disappear in their hand and were unable to interact with them. We could only tell the cards were there because they would take up space in the hand space. I cannot recall if deleting the hand zone made the cards reappear or not.
    EDIT: The hidden zones have to be for other player but after deleting the hidden zone the cards are locked and cannot be picked up by anyone else. It is not replicated with one hidden zone on the table it has to be multiple hidden zones on the table.
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    Hi. I have the same problem but with both, Fog of War and Hidden Zones. If an element (card, token, miniature, dice) enter the hidden zone and then exit the zone, none can see them anymore. In fog of war is the same, if elements are inside the fog, and player move a miniature that reveal fog of war, they canīt see the objects that must be revealed. I see this problem with the las update.

    Sorry for my bad english but is not my main language.

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