I am expanding on the objects available for implementing RPG content in TTS.

I have already created tile pieces for generating buildings with closed windows, open windows, closed doors, open doors, archways, arrow slits, wall corners, rounded wall corners and removable roofs.

However, the height of my floor tiles does not exactly match the height of the stock RPG tiles that come with TTS and thus they look a little odd when used interchangeably.

For the purpose of expanding the RPG objects available in TTS, would it be possible to get the OBJ files for at least the RPG tile and RPG corner wall? This would be really helpful to ensure that additional content is the correct size.

(Obviously if the tile is not made the correct size, it can be scaled to fit but with the TTS GUI scaling is done uniformly meaning that to make a tile thinner one needs to make all the other dimensions smaller)

BTW, save game files support non-uniform scaling. Would be nice to have that option in the GUI.