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    I started out as level 1, as most of us do. I was the only person there with a CS degree and I very quickly started solving things via scripts. This was back when login scripts in vbs or kixtart, batch files and all that fun stuff was the go moreso than powershell and Group Policy and I started automating like crazy.

    AV wasn’t installed on a bunch of machines? I got tasked with 600 manual installs. Scripted, deployed, done. Tweaks, fixes, software deployment, email signatures. Wrote an interactive menu for an *nix system with common tasks so the business apps team could stop having issues when people made typos in their work. On and on and on.

    Scripting is the very essence of sysadmin work IMO, you’re getting the computer to do the job for you and that’s exactly how it should be.

    And to anybody worried about what to learn... pick one. Whatever makes the most sense for your environment! Once you get the hang of it you’ll quickly learn that almost all languages are basically the same anyway in their core concepts and from there it’s just figuring out what syntax you need to pick, which google will happily provide.

    Scripting is awesome. Learn it.
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