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Thread: Microphone does not work: The icon shows up when I speak... but no one can hear me!

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    Angry Microphone does not work: The icon shows up when I speak... but no one can hear me!

    Hi there!

    Im using a Macbook and Tabletop Sim runs perfectly fine......except the microphone... which runs fine on everything else except tabletop sim.
    The microphone only worked once, but never again. All my in-game settings are fine, and steam settings dont have anything sound-related.

    The one time it worked, I used the built-in mic, as well as the mic attached to apple headphones. Both worked.

    Now, it always says Im speaking, as the gray speaker icon appears beside my name when I speak, but no one can hear me.

    Ive tried push-to-talk, toggle, and different headsets, yet nothing works.

    Anyone got any ideas how to solve this?

    Edit: Ive seen similar threads on Reddit, who also are using Tabletop with Macbooks. D:

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    Don't know why the microphone would not be working if it works in other apps. It sounds like it is configured correctly at the OS since you are able to use it with other apps. When you look at your OS settings, does it have multiple microphones listed? Maybe TTS is defaulting to a not-in-use or disabled microphone option while other apps are selecting the correct one?

    Workaround: We use Discord software for our regular TTS sessions instead of using the built in TTS voice. Discord is available for desktops and smart phones so I would expect it should work with your Mac. Obviously this is only a viable solution for regular games with regular players since all game players need to be using this method. It will not work when joining random games.

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