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Thread: Issues with fog of war in DND game.!!

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    Issues with fog of war in DND game.!!

    I hosted a rather large 3.5e game this last Saturday and much to my dismay when I set up the fog if war for the players and allowed their dealt tokens to reveal the fow all they could see was the plain white grided table surface. This is a major problem as throughout every map I created there is a 3d object to act as either a wall or floor piece. For some reason when does was revealed these objects were not.reverse phone lookupnba reddit
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    I played with the FOW just a little but as far as I can tell, it hides the whole object that is within it. This include walls and floor tiles. So when everything is in FOW, the players don't see any objects. As the revealing token moves into the area, all objects become visible including the floor or walls.

    Are you trying to get the walls and floors to show but not any other content inside the walls? If so, you may be able to do this (I have not tried) by setting the "Ignore FOW" setting on each of your walls and floors. Although I have not tried this, I would expect that this would allow your walls and floors to show through but not show any additional content.

    I think this is expected behaviour because in many games the GM wants to hide the walls so the players cannot see the layout of the dungeon.

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