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Thread: Is it possible to hide the Webtable/Steam avatars?

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    Is it possible to hide the Webtable/Steam avatars?

    While the TTS player avatars are nice to know which player colors have players seated at them, for my RPG game we needed a bigger table. As such I grabbed a large board and place it on top of the table to extend the dimensions of the table. This works well except that the player avatars are now somewhere over the table instead of the edges of the table.

    In the (scripting) Player object there does not seem to be any properties or methods to hide or move the player avatars.

    Any suggestions?

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    I'm not sure if it can be done from the GUI but if you edit the save game file you can find the section for the hands (usually near the beginning of the file). Moving the hands area down (under your content) seems to work.

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