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Thread: Need some help with options

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    Need some help with options

    Hey there, I have a four monitor setup running off of two really old HD 7770's. I would like to upgrade, but was wondering if I would be better off with one card instead of two.

    I'm not super into gaming, so it's not a priority, but I do a bit of video editing for my job.

    The issue is, two of the monitors have HDMI/VGA inputs, and the other two have DVI/VGA input. FetLife vshare

    Is there a single card that will allow me to run all four or am I better off with 2, or even sticking with what I have?

    Help would be appreciated.
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    Yes there are cards with with 4 inputs (maybe more) with various connectors (not necessarily all the same). In addition you can also get dongles for various connectors to allow them to be connected to a different connector type.

    To answer if one card or two cards are better is a little more difficult because it depends on the cards. Theoretically having two graphics cards means that you can parallel process therefore computer all the screens in half the time. However, in reality it is more complicated. Only certain video operations are offloaded to the graphics card GPU so only if all monitors are using graphics card GPU will you see a potential benefit. On top of that there is some overhead because the software needs to split the workload between two GPUs instead of offloading it to one GPU. And so on. Some graphics cards have cross connections to address some of these issues allowing the two graphics cards to work more like one powerful one but other graphics cards don't.

    One of the benefits of using two cards is that if typically only one monitor needs a strong GPU then you can buy one good graphics card to act as your main graphics card and then buy a cheap graphics card for the additional monitors which don't need GPU processing power.

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