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Thread: Trouble with colliders -- how to get objects to fall into a box?

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    Trouble with colliders -- how to get objects to fall into a box?

    I'm trying to create a box to contain game objects. It must be quite simple but I haven't got it yet. I imported an open wooden crate object, basically a cube with the top missing. When I dropped objects onto it, they just sat where the top would be. So I made a collider mesh, attached it to the crate when importing, and checked "non-convex." But objects still sit on top. They cast a shadow on the bottom of the box, but they don't fall in. What simple factor am I missing? Thanks. temp collider import dialog.jpgcollider problem.jpg

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    I think there may be a bug in TTS related to this. I had a similar issue to this when I made a wall and floor tile (basically a L shaped bracket). Even though the Collider matched the mesh, TTS was modifying the collider shape as if it was a ramp.

    Possible Workaround: If you don't care about collisions with the walls of the box, add a flat tile Collider. This worked for me. But, of course, that doesn't work for all content.

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    Thanks. I might try a flat collider, but it would be strange to have the pieces able to fly through the walls. I suppose that wouldn't happen as long as the lift height is higher than the walls of the box.

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    Are you just using the Model Import? If so, you can also try making the same object as a Unity assetBundle to see if that gives different results.

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