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Thread: What is the differene between script and program

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    What is the differene between script and program

    A script is a type of program.

    When a program does or doesn't qualify as a script isn't a 100% clear thing. It's just a slightly vague label that people use to refer to certain kinds of program.

    A script usually means a program that is:

    Short and simple,

    used to automate something you could realistically do manually,

    low on interaction -- not having a full UI and usually asking little if anything in terms of input,

    interpreted rather than compiled,

    mostly free of its own logic, instead calling other programs/scripts in a defined order or with defined parameters, and
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    something that does its job and then terminates, as opposed to a persistent process.

    A script is often, but not always, written for a specific use-case, to help the person writing it, as opposed to a tool distributed for general use.

    Say you wrote some code that copies all your files onto an external hard drive, does a quick checksum to make sure they all transferred okay, saves the list of copied files to a log, then ejects/unmounts the drive. That would count as a program -- a program is just any saved set of computer instructions, really. But most people would also call that a script. It's a script because it's a short, simple program that automates something you could be doing manually but want to save time with, which is mostly just calling other programs/system commands, and which you just fire and forget about.

    Some languages are commonly called 'scripting languages.' These languages are especially well-suited to writing scripts. That generally means they're (1) interpreted, (2) dynamically typed, (3) terse, capable of doing a lot with few lines and (3) shipped with a big standard library. Common examples would by Python, Perl, and Ruby. Any time you've written a single 50-line Python file to automate some common thing or solve a one-off problem, that's a script.
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    Actually typically a Program is a complete piece of code that is ready to be run by an end user without the needing for the programming language IDE. A script on the other hand is typically written to fulfill a specific function but it needs a programming language IDE (or runtime) in order to execute. For example, a C# program for calculating the area of a object would be code that can be executed by an end user without having to have the programming language installed. A C# script, on the other hand, is a piece of code that does not run on its own. One would need to either compile it into a program or execute it within the programming language IDE. Similarly Python or PHP scripts require the runtime interpreter in order to be executed.

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