Asset Bundles are a great functionality of TTS. They allow the inclusion of actually animated content as opposed to content that just switches state. This is not only useful for animated characters for RPG games but a lot of other content too. For RPG games it can be used to allow doors, windows, chests, etc to open and close. For non-RPG games it can use used to make spinners, timers and clocks and/or just make the game more interesting with animated pieces.

However, there seems to be one drawback to using Asset Bundles: Adding a static object using the Custom | Model option exposes the Image/Diffuse file selection which allows you to change the texture of the object. However, Asset Bundles do not. This means that static objects can be somewhat modified by the end user without having to know how to use a program like Unity but Asset Bundles cannot be modified without Unity.

Example 1: Consider a cube object that has a properly applied UV (texture) mapping. By supplying different Image/Diffuse image files, the cube can easily be turned into a red marble die with black dots, a mystic purple die with yellow numbers or anything else that one can imagine that has the shape of a cube. All of this could be achieved by simply using a simple paint program. However, if the cube was an Asset Bundle it would be stuck with whatever the user chose as the Image/Diffuse texture.

Example 2: I downloaded a character that looked somewhat like the character I was playing in a game. However, the clothing was not quite correct. But by editing the texture map, I was able to change the texture level clothing and update it to the desired look. However, once the character was turned into an Asset Bundle such changes are not longer possible without re-loading the Asset Bundle into Unity and making the changes there.

Example 3: I made an Asset Bundle which contains a wall with a door object. This object is intended to be used along with other tile pieces to build RPG environments for RPG games. In this case, I wanted to make it as a Asset Bundle (as opposed to states object) so that I can animate the door opening and closing and creak while doing it. The object works great but since the object's texture map is defined in the Asset Bundle, the user of the tile has no options to modify it. So if I wanted to have such a tile for different environments (e.g. brick wall, stone wall, wood wall, etc) I would need to make multiple copies of it in the Asset Bundle each with their own texture. While this may be a solution for the wall, it is not a solution for the door. The user may want to change the texture to add a door knob, a door window, reinforcement bars, a lock bar, a symbol on the door, etc.