Recently, hot seat mode has been acting up for me. I'm not sure when it started, but I'm guessing it was after the last patch (it's been awhile since I last used hot seat mode). The issues are:

  1. Drawing cards to the wrong player
    When I try to draw cards from a stack of cards, they always go to Player 1, even after ending Player 1's turn and changing the active player to either Player 2 or Player 3.

  2. Number keys to set dice value have delay (on a D10)
    D10s used to turn to the value of the key pressed immediately, but now there's some slight lag to it. It seems like it'll immediately change as soon as I move the mouse off the die, however. Also, "0" no longer seems to set the die to 10.

I've tried uninstalling the game and clearing all the data in the Tabletop Simulator folders and reinstalling the game, as well as restarting my computer, but no luck there. I was able to replicate this on a brand new table with a standard deck of cards, and the problems still showed up on my brother's computer. Is this a known bug?