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Thread: My friend can't connect to my game

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    My friend can't connect to my game

    Hello everyone,,
    I bought the 4 pack on sale and it seems like everyone but my friend can play online. Everytime he joins my game or hosts one his game lags out and he gets disconnected. When this happens, he says he gets trapped at the loading screen. We've tried everything, verifying cache and all. While troubleshooting, I found that he can play preinstalled games fine, and custom models and cards can be added without problem, but any workshop games that are loaded don't work. He doesn't have a high spec pc only 4 gigs of ram and intel graphics but preinstalled games work fine. It doesn't work if he subscribes to the game before joining
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    You can try the following: Have him/her start TTS with a LOCAL game (not Multiplayer). Then have him/her try opening the desired workshop. If this loads, it should cache the various objects on his/her machine and maybe reduce the amount of downloading needed during multiplayer game. If the workshop has bags of items, he/she may need to pull the items out of the bags into order for TTS to cache them. Once he/she have done so, have him/her exit to the lobby and start hosting a MULTIPLAYER game. Have him/her select the same workshop and hopefully the cached objects will reduce the downloading necessary to allow game play.

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