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Thread: Probably the best game I've palyed so far!

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    Probably the best game I've palyed so far!

    Hey, all. I've just recently gotten into Berserk, since I decided that reading it would be good to prepare me for when Dark Souls comes out on the Switch. Between being a fan of Japan's more testosterone-infused offerings (JoJo, Hokuto no Ken) and a fanatical Evil Dead fan, Berserk might as well have been hand-crafted for me.

    That said, I hear the anime adaptations are on the whole disappointing, and I wanted to know if the video games are any good. I hear the latest Warriors-style game is lackluster as far as those types of games go, but I know next-to-nothing about the Dreamcast and PS2 games. Are any of them worth checking out? To clarify, I'm not adverse to Warriors games, and I know they're generally hard to judge based on personal reviews because people either love or hate them. I have more hours in Hyrule Warriors than I'd be comfortable admitting and I'm not even a particularly large Zelda fan.Check-distance
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