Hello everyone,,
This is another "well we all knew that" thing, but I didn't and found it was a HUGE bonus to my mod making knowing this little tip...

Snap Points can be a real pain to place, but they are so useful.. for starters they seam to override the grid. So you can have a global grid in use but still use snap points for direct placement of component. All my mods use them extensively.

To lock a snap point to an object other than the table.. all you need to do is FREEZE it. Once it is locked, any placed snap points will actually be on the component itself. For example I recently have been working on a game that uses a deck of cards for monsters, and then tokens you place on the cards once drawn for health and shields. You can freeze the card, add snap points directly to the card and this is now saved. Any health icon or shield token dropped on the card will "snap" into place.
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So you probably already know all that.. so what is the cool trick?

Well if you have a object that is NOT locked and you add a snap point anywhere on it, the snap point actually gets added to the locked object underneath, either a component or a table. The cool part is the snap is placed at the object transform point of the object you are clicking on. What this means is that you can simply position the object you want to snap anyway you wish, then add the point by clicking on it and now that object will drop exactly into place as you want it to every time.

This completely eliminated the need to add point after point after point and removing them and all that doing some kind of trial and error to get objects to sit exactly where you want them to.


This is a zillion times faster and gives a better result...I wish I had known about it when making my Mage Knight mod.