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Thread: Option to see Collision Mesh in-game

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    Question Option to see Collision Mesh in-game

    Been creating a few custom models for TTS and I would really like an option to see the wireframe of an object's Collision Mesh in-game, or alternatively an option to show the collision mesh with a semi-transparent coloured texture, to make it visible?

    This would be a huge help when troubleshooting collision meshes, or even just to see what TTS creates if no ColMesh is submitted on import.

    While I understand that this is not a feature the general player would use, I believe it would be tremendously appreciated by modders and modellers like myself.
    Maybe it could be implemented as a tick box in a separate 'Modders Tools' tab/button under one of the game's menus, or even some unlisted key combination that when pressed toggles the effect, or opens a pop-up menu with similar tools/features that only modders would use?

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    Possibly. But you'd have to make it a key that would not be used by a normal user, or you'll get someone pressing it by accident, and then saying "WTF happened to my model? It looks like a skeleton and I don't know how I did it, or how to undo it."

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    Of course, maybe a multiple key combo like ctrl+shift+alt+something

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