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Thread: Steam cloud issue - couldn't sync

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    Steam cloud issue - couldn't sync

    I use 2 computers, a desktop with Debian and a laptop with dual boot : Debian and Windows 7.
    Steam cloud synchronize between my Debian without problems, but fails to synch my Windows 7...
    Every time I launch it, it asks me if I want to download or upload, I tell it to download but it fails :
    "Steam n'a pas pu synchroniser vos fichiers pour Tabletop Simulator avec Steam Cloud"
    (Steam couldn't synchronize your files for TTS with Steam Cloud)
    Is there something I can do ?

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    Hey Fred - stuff like this is a Steam issue. From what I've noticed, shutting down Steam completely and booting it back up usually helps getting it to sync up.

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    it doesn't work... I tried several times, reboot and everything... is there anything else I can try ?

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    Unfortunately cloud sync doesn't work cross platform.

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    thanks anyway for the info... is it a problem you're going to solve or is it a steam client issue ?

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    Currently, it's a Steam client issue.

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    Is it something specific about TTS's client implementation? Many other Steam games support cross-platform cloud syncing through Steam. A work in progress?

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