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Thread: Proper chess clocks/turn timers

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    Proper chess clocks/turn timers

    I love that timers have been added, but the implementation currently requires non-intuitive hitting of both timers to stop your turn timer and start the timer of your opponent (which in blitz chess can be difficult). So that the timers can better be used as turn timers for chess, go, scrabble, etc., it would be nice if there was a way to link the clocks so that pausing one would unpause the other and vice versa. This way they would function more like actual turn clocks in the real world. There could also be a light on the timer that is counting down to indicate that it is that player's turn.

    If not a way to link independent timers, how about a compound turn clock like this - (not an advertisement, it is an example of a potential feature)

    Another possibility is to simply add a timer function into the turn system already implemented into the game. This might be easier to program and design and might be quicker for speedy games where you want to simply end your turn as quick as possible to maximize available remaining time. Increments and byo-yomi timing to each turn could probably be added with minimal programming effort.

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    We have a scripted clock you can check out in the Workshop:

    There's a lot of things people can do with the scripting option now.

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