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Thread: [v5.1] Add Grids to objects

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    [v5.1] Add Grids to objects

    It will be very useful to add grids to the objects, with different sizes and in different areas. this will help to move objects in place in a much easier way.
    In euro games we tend to have scoring tracks, price tracks, powers scales.

    This will be a great feature to prototyping.

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    +1 for me.

    A grid on the table to place tiles and a different grid on the tiles itself to place pieces is one of the numerous and useful applications I see.

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    +1 for me as well

    I think that this feature has lots of application, enough to be worth adding it in the game

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    The new snap point feature was added in our latest update v5.1 in which you can customize grid snapping on boards and objects.

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