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Thread: Cards in Hand Visible to Non-Hosts (v4.5)

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    Cards in Hand Visible to Non-Hosts (v4.5)

    My brother and I like to play 2-player games using custom decks built with the in-game custom deck support (no mods). After update 4.5, whoever is not the host in our games is able to see the other player's hand! The "hidden card" face works properly for the host, showing the 70th card slot, but the non-host just sees the real card face. This is true no matter which of us is hosting.

    If cards are placed into the hands of the other players around the table, this stays true; the host sees the Hidden face and the client sees the real face. We have also tried moving to different spots around the table, and the result is the same.

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    Fixed in the 4.5.1 hotfix thanks for reporting.

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