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Thread: Copy and Paste Multiple Objects into Slots

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    Copy and Paste Multiple Objects into Slots

    I have had problems building dungeons with TTS. Copying and pasting takes time if you go back and forth between different pieces. If I had an option to save pieces into slots, dungeon building would be a lot smoother.

    For example, save object1 to numpad1, object2 into numpad2, etc. Maybe have Ctrl + numpad1 to save to that slot. I could hover around with the cursor and push numpad1 to put pieces down quickly.

    I can also see this as a great tool for DMs to place down different predetermined enemies on a map. Save enemy type 1 into numpad1 and enemy type 2 into numpad2, etc., then when needed summon any of the enemies I need at the time.

    Copy and pasting is very good, but time consuming for building dungeons. This would be great help to me.

    Thanks for reading.

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    ahh, +1 from me. would SO love to have a toolbar to set parts in - kinda like...for example, Minecraft? where you stick an item from the inventory into the toolbar down on the bottom of the screen. Bar has 10 slots, hotkeyed to the number strip above the keyboard, 1 thru 0(for those on a laptop without a keypad). Would help a LOT with preparation for a session.

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    I think this is a really good idea. Some of the assets might already be there, since the prebuilt games in the engine have menus in the chest that work sort of like this. No hotkeys on those though, but thats okay. I really think that navigability and multi-level menus are important to gameplay after modded assets reach a certain scope. +1

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    Sounds like a great idea!
    Like board games? Then check this out!

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    There's already two features that can help you accomplish this. You can save each object you need to your Saved Items (found in the Chest), then just spawn them in into the other save like that.

    You can also spawn models from the Workshop level list by clicking on the downwards arrow on the right of the name of the save. From there a list of models and stuff will appear which you can choose from and that object will spawn in the middle of the table.

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    I know that those two features are available. However, when using copy and paste to make dungeons, I have to go back and forth between pieces to create a dungeon. I would rather have to go through the menu once and load all the models I need, then save them into slots and paste them as I see fit. The point of the feature I'm proposing allows me to drop preset models wherever my cursor is. This would allow for quick placement of any saved object I choose.

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    As someone who often has to build tables up alot, I would really appreciate a feature like the one Durandelcorp suggested.

    Yeaaaahh, but the issue is, what if you want to build up a complicated board, and your chest has +300 different models and saved custom items. It would be an extremely slow process (and it has been) to build up any complex boards.

    You'd have to scroll through the models.
    Brief loading times for loading the list of saved objects/workshop items.
    Issues if models aren't properly named, and you lose track of what is what.

    What your suggesting Mark, is very counter productive, opposed to just having control groups for clipboards.

    I would much rather bind pieces to keys, and be able to place those pieces quickly with a press of their respective keys. It would make creating dungeons and tables much more easier for those of us who actually do that.

    I want to see OP's suggestion ingame.

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