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Thread: Randomly shuffle AND rotate tiles (or cards)?

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    Question Randomly shuffle AND rotate tiles (or cards)?

    I'm trying to get one of my current board game design in TTS.

    I need to have 6 square tiles (each one depicting a 2x2 squares grid). Here is a sample tile:


    At the beginning of the game tiles are shuffled AND rotated randomly, then they are put on the table to form the map.

    I have some questions:

    1) Should I use tiles (custom 3d models) or square cards?
    2) Since the orientation of the tiles is important and must be random, how do I get a random rotation?
    3) I want the tiles to snap to the table AND gaming pieces snap to the sub-grid depicted on each tile. Is it possible?

    Thank you for your help!

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    1. Square Cards would be best, since they're less memory intensive.

    2. Randomization only affects the order the tiles come out. If you use a Loot bag, place the tiles inside, and shake it to mix it up, the only thing that will change when you pull them out is the order. When you pull them out they will be on the same side and in the same orientation that they went in on. (I've actually made a post about fixing this, since it's entirely unrealistic: )

    3. Only 1 of these is possible at a time. To test this, I used the example you posted there, and made a deck of 6 cards, with a blank back blue back.
    When the deck was imported, I turned the grid on, and found that to fit the card and lock it in a whole grid square, it was a size of 3.1 square(both x and y), and half of this(for the inner squares) would be 1.55. So I set the axis to 1.55

    Now that this is done, the tiles will snap to the table, in a 2x2 grid square. BUT NOW, if you want pieces to snap to the centers of the 4 individual squares on the tiles, what you'll have to do is go back to the grid settings, and check the "Offset Snap" box. What Offset Snap does, is it makes objects snap to the center of the square. When it's unchecked, then objects will snap at the intersections of the lines on the grid. So now with Offset Snap checked, the pieces will snap to the centers of the 4 squares. But if you have to place a tile down again, you'll have to go back to the Grid options, and uncheck the Offset Snap box again. It'd be a lot of going back and forth between the settings.

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    You've been very clear Raven, thx again.

    Time to file a request for improvement?

    a) Being able to specify a "layered" snap to grid logic
    b) Being able to shuffle objects not only by order but also by orientation (eventually facing also)

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