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Thread: Rotating dice with "Q" and "E" change facing

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    Rotating dice with "Q" and "E" change facing

    Just to inform you that dice facing change when you rotate them with Q and E.

    Shouldn't they rotate around z axis instead?

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    I'd like to bump this. It's currently impossible to finish the game I'm making in TTS (RoboDerby: Express) because of this issue.

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    Q and E has always changed the facing of the die.

    If you need dice to snap into position, remember you can right click on them and turn ON the "snap" flag. Now when you drop the die on your component it will rotate to match the snap.. but NOT change the face..


    The only problem is that one some of the larger die the numbers are not all aligned so only some of the faces will be directly facing the camera... (see the D12 in my video)... you can easily fix this though by editing the bitmap itself and aligning all the numbers on the map itself.
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