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Thread: [v5.3] Shuffling multiple decks

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    [v5.3] Shuffling multiple decks

    A lot of the board games I play have a lot of decks. Occasionally many of the decks will need shuffling, but not others. Especially at the beginning of a game.
    This is a tedious process at the moment as we basically have to split up and each handle 4-6 decks each, etc. It's not the biggest deal in the world by any means, but the reason I'm writing here is that you almost have this feature in already.

    If you border select multiple decks and waggle them around, they will all shuffle. However they have the same behaviour of all grouping together like dice. With dice this is a very useful feature. With decks, not so much... Once you release your messy ball of decks they have a habit of merging together, and even if they didn't you'd still have to put them back in their proper places.

    My suggestion is that you simply make decks exempt from the bunching when you shake things around so that they simple shuffle in place. This would be a (I assume) very easy way to implement this feature. As I'm sure there's no-one that needs decks to do that.

    Perhaps allow individual cards to do it, as it may be a convenient way to stack a bunch of single cards back up. But it's just weird that decks do it.

    And thus I was done typing.
    Good day.

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    OK. Say your game uses....4 decks. Line them up, with a sufficient amount of space between them. use the box to highlight all of them. Pick them up with the left mouse button. Then while still holding the left mouse button, to shuffle all of them, press the right click button continuously. this will shake the decks up and down in place, and shuffle them too. So you can do that instead of shaking the mouse all over the place and possibly combining them.

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    They still bunch together with the up and down right mouse button tapping. They don't seem to stay in place as you've said. Still have exactly the same problem.


    I've noticed that there's now a shuffe button on the right click menu. Not entirely sure if it's new or not, but I've never noticed it before. An alternate approach could just be to allow this button to work on a multiple selection. Since right now it will only shuffle the deck you right click, rather than any you have selected.
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    Multiple deck shuffling was added in update v5.3. Thanks!

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