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Thread: Is it possible to build a mod that can set up a specific position in Chess or Go?

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    Is it possible to build a mod that can set up a specific position in Chess or Go?

    Hi, guys, I'd like to know if it's possible to build a mod that can set-up an exact board position in chess and go. In chess there's a thing called FEN (Forsyth–Edwards Notation) that makes it easy to load a position from one program into another and in go there's SGF (smart game format). I was wondering if it would be possible to create a mod that allows me to input the text so that I can get the desired position. With Chess and Go, setting up a position can take a while and humans are prone to making mistakes so loading a position makes more sense.

    If you can point in the right direction (maybe a tutorial where the computer language I'd need to make it if it's possible is stated and how to load into the program) I'd really appreciate it.

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    I think you are talking about script creation for automation of these board positions, and as far as I know, you can't do this.

    I don't think it'll be implemented, either, because it would take away from the whole experience of the program if ppl started writing scripts to automate things. Then this would just be another computer game. Not the Simulator it should be. And plus - humans making mistakes is part of what makes this program what it is. You can't go out to the park to play Chess, and have a computer set up your board for you. So you should not be able to do it here, either.

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    I totally disagree but it's great to hear your opinion. I'm guessing most people will share your backwards point of view.

    I believe this game has the ability to surpass what we can do in real life. Take for instance the set-up times for many boardgames. TTS can smash through that and help users save loads of time. Also, look at what it can do for mess-ups. Can you take back in real life? Nope. Can you do it on TTS? Yup. Imagine creating a 3-d board for every game that you have. In real life it's just crazy, in TTS it's highly possible.

    Those are just three little examples. I believe the way you see things is terribly limited and pathetic. It's almost sad to see someone who (judging by his post count) has a lot of experience with the program and yet fails to realize the amazing power TTS wields. If you think making life easier and board games a lot more accessible is "taking away from the experience" I feel you will never see TTS for what it truly is: an awesome program that can change the world!

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    OK, bad example. Since I know set-up of a game in TTS has been a HUGE lifesaver for me before - esp. big games that can normally take 30 minutes or more just to set up IRL. And yes, you CAN go backwards in terms of game time, IRL. All you have to do is count backwards in the steps that have been done, and go back to that point in the game. I will admit however that in a huge game with a million pieces out on the board, that might be a bit difficult. But in simpler games - Monopoly, Sorry!, Scrabble - you can easily go backwards and re-do things.
    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel View Post
    If you think making life easier and board games a lot more accessible is "taking away from the experience"
    This is NOT what I think at all. Maybe a Dev can get my previous point across that I apparently could not:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimiko View Post
    And unfortunately we won't have any sort of automation as that takes away from the sandbox aspect of Tabletop Simulator.
    "Tabletop Simulator" is built to be exactly as it's title says: a Tabletop environment simulator. And anything you can't do to your actual, IRL games at home(for example, your own physical, non-computerized, chess set), you can't do in TTS.

    Also, as for your judgement of me, and me not seeing TTS for what it truly is - You are truly mistaken. This program has a lot of potential for making original, unique tabletop games. I will admit, that some Mods have been made, that you probably couldn't achieve in real life without being in certain conditions. Flick Kart, for example. IRL this one would be near impossible. So TTS has a lot of creative ability. So does this community.
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