Download Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator is now released on Steam Early Access. Everyone is welcome to download and try out the game in single player, however, multiplayer requires a product key. You can purchase Tabletop Simulator on Steam or you can purchase a Steam key through the Humble Widget on our website.

If you encounter any issues please post on our forums or send an email.

Download Early Access v1.0 (04/17)

** Please note that the preview download is a very old version and does NOT include the latest updates on the Steam version. Patch notes are located here. **

Mac (OSX 10.6+)

Mac version not launching?
If you’re having problems with the executable, try doing the following:
chmod +x Tabletop\\ Simulator

Having trouble getting people to connect to your game?
You might have to manually open your port (default: 11155). How to port forward

In Development:
New Game Modes
Optimize Network/CPU/RAM
Connecting improvements
Custom Content
RPG Kit additions
and more…

In the Future:
Android & iOS versions
Oculus Rift
3D Characters
Space Theme Pack