Download Tabletop Simulator

Please note that this version of Tabletop Simulator is VERY OUTDATED and EXTREMELY OLD! This version is v1.0 and is no longer supported, and the Steam version is already on v3.5. You can check out what’s new here.

Everyone is welcome to download and try out the game in single player, however, multiplayer requires a product key. You can purchase Tabletop Simulator on Steam or you can purchase a Steam key through the Humble Widget on our website.

Download Early Access v1.0 (04/17)

** Please note that the preview download is a very old version and does NOT include the latest updates on the Steam version. Patch notes are located here. **

Mac (OSX 10.6+)

Mac version not launching?
If you’re having problems with the executable, try doing the following:
chmod +x Tabletop\\ Simulator

Having trouble getting people to connect to your game?
You might have to manually open your port (default: 11155). How to port forward