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Tabletop Simulator is available on Steam!
Welcome to our brand new Wiki! Everyone that is registered on our forums are welcome to add to our Wiki. This is for the community, so please make it your own!

Once logged in, you will see a “create new” tab on the top right to create a new page and an “edit” tab to edit any existing wiki page you have access to.

Be sure to title the page properly, add any images and info necessary, place the topic in the appropriate category (or make a new one if needed).

Just a few ground rules regarding the wiki:

1) Please use proper English and grammar. We want our site and wiki to look nice and pretty, so let’s keep it that way. No shortcuts and l33t speak please.

2) We can see everything you do, so do not post anything illegal, grotesque, pornography, referral links, or anything else not related to Tabletop Simulator and Berserk Games. This is your only warning on this one. You will be banned.

3) No links to any other sites outside of our own pages (Steam store page and community, Berserk Games sites and social media sites, Humble store pages, etc)

4) Do not post links to any mods or post about anything not officially created by Berserk Games.

Most importantly, have fun and thanks for taking the time to add to this wiki and let the world know more about Tabletop Simulator!