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04-24-2014, 04:30 AM
Welcome stranger ! Come in, we have tea, coffee or would you like a beer ?
I know ! While you are enjoying, why don't you take a look at what i'm doing.

I have always a lot of project that i can share with other, and nothing is more useful for me than you feedback.
So on this post i will share with you my latest work and certain project even before i post it on my main gallery !

So take a seat and enjoy your tour of : Miago's random Art and Projects


Why don't we start by a project related to Tabletop Simulator !
When i introduce myself on this forum, Jay_rab ask me if i can do a custom deck in the same style of my current commission offer (you can see an example here : http://miago-meowsome.deviantart.com/art/Commision-Badge-Klenor-449262195)
I actuality was thinking of that in November 2013 but never have the courage to do it, now... i think it's time !

This deck will be divide in 4 familly
The Hearts : House of Lions
The Diamonds : House of Lynxes
The Spade : House of Wolfs
The Clubs : House of Deer

Each family will have it's own personality ,clothes style and custom emblem.
At the end of this project, i will print myself a deck and of course implement it in Tabletop Simulator.

Phase 1 : Sketch and Ideas

King Lion and Lion Emblem

The lions are for me the easiest between all because they are already a strong royalty symbol, so i decided to make them the richest family with crowns, jewels, expansive clothes etc...
Funny enough, my main inspiration on this project are the different house in the series Game of Throne : Lanister, Stark, Baretheon anddd ... damit there are no lynxes... well i think you see what i'm talking about (if not, go watch game of thrones)
For the emblem i first draw a thing too complicated then i decided to simplify it with only a tail on a heart, there will be maybe a crown on the final version, i need to try it.

Overhauls, i'm having a ton of fun doing this, and i hope you will all like it ! :3
I will post all my progress over time, so if you want the last info about it, you know where to come !
Don't hesitate to leave feedback and ideas, it's greatly appreciated.
And last little thing, if you want to check more of my work you can find me on http://miago-meowsome.deviantart.com/

Ps: If you want to check one of the mod i've made for the game already, check this : http://www.berserk-games.com/forum/community-custom-creations/301/

04-24-2014, 05:24 AM
Awesome! Have you thought about a bird species for the Diamonds? Like Eagles? I only suggest it because you already have a cat family in the Hearts….

In fact, you could rank the four species in each suit:

HEARTS: Feline
Jack of Hearts: Lynx
Queen of Hearts: Tiger
King of Hearts: Lion

SPADES: Canine
Jack of Spades: Dog
Queen of Spades: Fox
King of Spades: Wolf

Jack of Diamonds: Robin
Queen of Diamonds: Crane
King of Diamonds: Eagle

Jack of Clubs: Roe Deer
Queen of Clubs: Gazelle
King of Clubs: Elk
(yes, I know a gazelle is not a deer species)

Anyhow, I these are just suggestions inspired by your fantastic idea. I can't wait to see whatever you decide to make!

04-24-2014, 06:04 AM
Yeah i was thinking about the lynxes too, but i really want them for diamonds, maybe for a bonus deck ?
(they are my favorite species and diamonds my favorite shape >w<)

I really want one species per house because i want to simulate a family
K : King / Father
Q : Queen / Mother
V : Valet / Son ?
I need to think about it some more before i continue this

For the bird house, i don't think i will do it, because i can't draw birds. I try multiple time without success so i think for now it would be impossible or very hard for me to do. But it's a great idea.

I made a little prototype for the ace of heart, tell me if you like it ! :3